My father is obese, and my childhood was fraught with weight worries via my mother. She didn’t want my two sisters and me to follow in our father’s unhealthy footsteps, so diets were a constant topic of discussion, and my dad’s inability to stay on one, a never-ending source of conflict.

Food was not something you enjoyed in my childhood home; it was something you feared.

I wanted to make darn sure I didn’t end up like my father, so naturally, I studied nutrition in college. Free from my mother’s food influence, I also started a full-blown love affair with eating. I discovered farmers’ markets, gourmet food stores and the world of culinary arts. Basically, I became a foodie.

Unfortunately, my love of food was always coupled with my fear of it. I would indulge in a decadent multi-course meal, and then survive on only bananas and lattes for the next few days to be sure I didn’t (God forbid) gain any weight. Extreme dieting and restriction (and subsequent binging) was the norm, and this cycle of indulgence and deprivation was a pervasive force in my food life for the next 10 years.

But my warped relationship with food was really just the tip of my unhealthy iceberg.

By my late twenties, my entire life was in shambles. My marriage was falling apart, my career was stagnant, my health was in shambles, and I was drinking WAY too much to hide from the pain that had become my life. I was an emotionally destructive and seriously dysfunctional mess.

I was ashamed, heart-broken, guilt-ridden and terrified.

At age 31, on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown, I hit the reset button on my life. My marriage ended (I left with a small bag of clothes and a huge hole in my heart), and I rebuilt my life (and myself) from the ground up. I worked hard to heal my broken self, and boy, am I glad I did. Now, it’s over 10 years later, and my life is BIGGER and better than I ever thought possible.


Is my life perfect? No way. Do I still struggle? You bet. But what I’ve learned has changed the way I live—now it can change yours, too.

I replaced my self-loathing with acceptance, my deep-rooted fears with love, my guilt with forgiveness, and my self-destructive behaviors with serious self-care. And I would be honored to help you do the same.

This is the get-slim (and get-happy!) secret sauce—it’s the magical solution you’ve been dreaming about—and it is, truly, the only way to rid yourself of your weight issues forever.

You’ll find I’m not like other dietitians. I am a food lover AND a health nut. I don’t believe in diets or deprivation, and I think exercise should be pleasurable, not punitive. In my weight-loss world, you can have your (chocolate ganache) cake and eat it too…and still lose the weight.

I’ll give you straight-up nutrition and weight-loss advice you can trust, with a side dish of self-love and positivity. You’ll dig deep, lose big and create a life you love in a body you love.

My Smaller Size Bigger Life weight loss program is meant for women who are ready to make serious changes in their life. If you’re looking for a fast-fix or the latest fad diet, I can’t help you. But if you want lasting weight loss, a healthy lifestyle, and freedom from your food demons—if you’re ready to get real about your weight issues—you’re in the right place.


Women who are healthy and happy are better partners, mothers and friends, and they influence and empower other women to lead healthier lives.

Women are also natural communicators, and a woman who is free from her food and weight fears, is free to spread love in the world. She is able to become more of who she really is, and to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

And believe me, this BIGGER life in a smaller size is 100% possible for you.


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