How Hidden Food Sensitivities Stall Weight Loss

Do you wonder if there are foods you are sensitive to that may be preventing you from losing weight?

Would you like to feel more energy throughout the day, so you can live your life with passion and vibrancy?

Would you like to discover which foods fuel your body best, so you can bring your A-game to everything you do?

Today I want to introduce you to Registered Dietitian Danielle Omar.

D. Omar


If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I believe that long-lasting weight loss is not about dieting or deprivation. It’s about …

1. Understanding WHY you overeat and changing your mindset.

2. Learning HOW to eat intuitively and to trust and respect your body.

3. Discovering WHAT foods help you drop pounds, feel energized, and keep your soul-satisfied

And Danielle has developed an awesome 21-day clean eating program that will help you get crystal clear on the WHAT.

Her program will revolutionize the way you think about food, and reshape your body from the inside out.

Unlike food allergies, food sensitivities often go undiagnosed because they often don’t produce a clear and immediate reaction. And when you eat foods your system is sensitive to, it creates inflammation in your body. Inflammation = weight gain.

Nourish: 21 Days of Clean Eating, will help you explore what foods work best (and which don’t) to give you optimum energy, kickstart changes in your body, and reduce your waistline.


This program is NOT about deprivation. It’s about letting go of what doesn’t serve your body anymore (emotionally and physically) and reclaiming your food confidence.

And you’ll lose weight easily and naturally as you improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin, reduce cortisol levels, lower your “hunger hormones” and reset your taste buds so REAL food tastes delicious.

I love this program because (as you know!) life can get in the way of making healthy food changes. And while we might be motivated when we begin, it’s easy to fall back into old habits. Nourish is designed to give you the professional support you need as you go through the process.

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Danielle is a dietitian who has the unique ability to reach beyond the drumbeat of calories and carbs and into a world where nutrition is tangible, fun and understandable. Not only does she make wise food choices accessible to others, she also meets them on a personal, realistic level.

You’ll reinvent yourself and drastically change your relationship with food, in just 21 days. Find out more and sign up here.

Tons of love,


P.S. Preparation for Nourish: 21 Days of Clean Eating begins September 14th, and spaces are limited, so be sure to check this out ASAP.

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