This Is An Entirely New Way To Lose Weight

I’m excited to announce that enrollment for my signature Smaller Size Bigger Life weight loss program will open again on May 2nd.

On May 2nd I’m also releasing a totally FREE weight loss class, and I guarantee that you’ll walk away from this class with actionable tools that you can put to use right away to release your weight loss blocks and drastically change your relationship with food and your body.



Smaller Size Bigger Life is an online paid program for women who struggle with emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, or body image issues. This program is for you if…

You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, powerless, and ashamed about weight or food.

You want a clear step-by-step system for long-lasting and life-changing results.

You’re open-minded and ready to change the way you eat, think, and live.

You believe in the mind-body connection.

You know what to do to lose weight and improve your health, but you’re just not doing it.


This is an entirely NEW way to lose weight. A kinder, saner and easier way to lose weight.

I’ve not only drastically changed my own life using the tools and techniques I’m sharing in this program, as a dietitian and wellness coach I’ve also helped countless clients do the same. And I would be honored to help you do the same.

Here’s what one of my lovely clients, Elizabeth, has to say about the program…

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you. I am almost one month into Smaller Size Bigger Life and it is the GREATEST thing I have ever done for myself. You have me remembering who I used to be, and this program is helping me become the absolute best version of myself.

There are really no words to express how much your program means to me, or how much I appreciate your kind words, virtual love and support, but I wanted to let you know that they do mean SO much to me and that you have completely changed my life in just the last few weeks.

Thank you for all that you do! Thank you for the wonderful program you have put together, and for the time, effort and insights you have found for yourself in life and for your courage to put them out there for all of us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

Elizabeth E, Boston, MA

If Smaller Size Bigger Life feels like a good fit for you, be sure to jump on the waitlist HERE and I’ll be in touch real soon.



Eating In The Middle: A Mostly Wholesome Cookbook

Guest post by Andie Mitchell

I am so happy to introduce you to Eating in the Middle: A Mostly Wholesome Cookbook!

In my New York Times bestselling memoir, It Was Me All Along, I chronicled my lifelong struggles with food, weight, losing 135 pounds, and the journey to find balance. Now, in my first cookbook, I’m giving you the dishes that helped me reach my goals and maintain that balance.

Eating in the Middle is about finding the middle ground between being healthy and feeling happy, between eating wholesomely and indulging in some of what you crave.
Balance looks and feels different for each of us, but for me, it’s about living a full, vibrant life where no food is off the table. I love kale, green juices, hemp seeds, and I believe in eating a giant salad once a day, but I just can’t live feeling deprived. I can’t even bear to imagine a world where doughnuts are a non-option.

The style of eating that I practice day-in and day-out keeps me sane and feeling good, but better than that, it keeps me happy.

For anyone who has struggled with food or weight, you know what I mean when I say, health and happiness can seem mutually exclusive. It only took me 30 years to realize, they’re not. They don’t have to be.

Since the first diet I ever went on, in the eighth grade, I spent years swinging between two extremes: restriction and overeating; between being “good” and being “bad;” between being on the wagon and eating healthy, and being off the wagon and eating everything in sight.

It was exhausting, of course. Painful, God yes. But when you live in a stark, black-and-white world like this, where there’s only ever success OR failure, and no safety net to catch you if you should fall somewhere in between, you think the only thing to do is to keep swinging.

And the harder you diet, the harder you crash into a binge inevitably.

In struggling with overeating for so long, I thought, If I could just get rid of the swings toward overeating—if I could just get rid of the temptations, the sweets, the junk—THEN I could finally get a handle on my weight. If only I could JUST eat healthy all the time.

Was it the overeating that was the problem, though? Or was it the restriction?

After too many failed diets and double that of binges–all of which caused me to gain more and more–I started to realize that the ‘healthy’ thing to do, and ultimately what led me to the stablest, happiest, best weight for me–was to get the hell off the swing.

It didn’t happen overnight. So many of us become conditioned to that all-or-nothing behavior—so much so that at a certain point, it almost feels easier to go on a 3-day juice cleanse than to try to “eat moderately.” It was worth it to try.

I wanted to be happy as much as I wanted to be healthy, and truth be told, I wasn’t really either. I didn’t think I could maintain my weight without white-knuckling it on a diet (and that felt like a prison sentence) but I also didn’t feel safe enough to let go of that diet, out of fear that I’d eat nonstop for the rest of my life once I gave myself the freedom.

There had to be a middle ground.

Slowly, I made room for more regular indulgences. And the more foods I freed from labels of “good” and “bad,” the less I labeled myself, and the less likely I was to binge on those foods.

The more I gave myself permission to eat rich foods when I wanted them, the less I found myself overeating them, because I developed a trust that I could have them again.

It was working. I felt better, saner, healthier, and happier.

This book, and the way it breaks down into mostly wholesome with a sprinkling of decadence, is exactly how I live my life. It’s balance. It’s the testament to a life well-lived, with plenty of real, whole foods and some life-changing chocolate hazelnut bread pudding thrown in there, too.

In 80 recipes, I show how I eat: mostly healthy meals that are packed with flavor, like Lemon Roasted Chicken with Moroccan Couscous and Butternut Squash Salad with Kale and Pomegranate, and then the “sometimes” foods, the rich stuff, like Peanut Butter Mousse Pie with Marshmallow Whipped Cream, because I don’t want to live a life without dessert.

For those of us who struggle or have struggled with eating or weight, the ultimate work is finding a way to mend our relationships with food.

Eating in the Middle can’t heal your relationship, but it can certainly read as a love story of balance. If I’ve learned one thing in these 30 years, it’s that you can be healthy, happy, and feel good while eating food that you crave.



How To Change Your Relationship With Food

If you’ve been struggling with weight and food for a long while, be that years, decades or well, forever, most likely you’ve forgotten just how powerful you truly are. You probably don’t remember that …

You have the power to change your relationship with food and with your body.

You have the power to forgive yourself for whatever happened in the past and to just focus on making healthy changes today.

You have the power to create a nourishing and peaceful relationship with food.

You have the power to take better care of yourself, to stop emotional eating and to lose weight with ease.


In fact, you’re the ONLY person who has control over your body, your eating habits and your life.

But it’s easy to forget just how capable (and worthy and awesome) you really are when you’re trapped in a cycle of struggle, negativity and fear. I know.

Most of us have a complicated relationship with food. And years of controlling, restricting, binging, and all-out food-and-diet craziness can leave us feeling helpless, hopeless and broken.

And we make things even more complicated when we (unintentionally) make ourselves the victim (my husband/mother/work/friends/whatever make it impossible for me to make healthy changes), take our choices away (I just can’t control myself around food; it’s out of my hands), constantly tear ourselves down (it’s impossible for me to lose weight), or tell ourselves that there’s some magic pill or diet that will miraculously fix all of this for us.

Here’s what you need to know: You are the magic answer you’ve been waiting for. And with a little focus you CAN take your power back.

You are not stuck in your situation forever.

You can wake up the wise and all-knowing part of yourself that is fully capable of creating more joy and ease in your life.

You can take responsibility for your health, discover new ways to take care of yourself, and ignite positive changes that will last forever.

And you can start building a better relationship with food, one day, one meal and one moment at a time. You absolutely have the ability to …
* Pay attention to what you think and say about food, weight and your body, and to start consistently choosing supportive thoughts.

* Be honest with yourself about not only what you eat, but also why you eat, and to stop eating mindlessly when you’re bored or just out of habit.

* Honor and FEEL your emotions instead of ignoring them or burying them with food. (For more help with emotional eating sign up for my free class HERE.)

* Learn more about clean eating and cooking, and choose better-for-you real foods more often than not. (Find out more about clean eating HERE.)

* Make food choices that honor your health, your hunger, and your tastebuds. (Learn more about Intuitive Eating HERE.)

* Find joyful and fun ways to move your body.

* Tune out what everyone one else thinks is the right weight-loss plan for you, and tune in to what you intuitively know you need to do and eat to feel your best.

* Be your own best friend. Be on your own side. Make feeling good your number one priority.

And I have a 30-day Mindful Eating Challenge that will help you do exactly this!


30 day
Here’s how it works:

Click on the below link, print out the graphic, and cut on the dotted lines. Fold each affirmation and place them a jar, box, or bag next to your bed.

For 30 days choose one affirmation daily. Before you start your day (or even before you get out of bed), clear your mind and just consider the affirmation you pulled for that day.

Allow the idea to really soak in, and then set the intention to make this your mantra for the day. Throughout the day, repeat the affirmation often. You can use it as a mantra while you drive, walk, or do housework. You can post your affirmation to your computer or place it on a mirror. You can even set alarms on your phone to remind you to tune in throughout the day.

Also set the intention to pay closer attention to your thoughts and food behaviors throughout the day, and every time you catch yourself saying or doing something unsupportive, use your affirmation to shift your perspective.

This Challenge will help you 1) raise your awareness around your thoughts and food behaviors (often our thoughts and behaviors are so habitual we don’t even notice them), and 2) shift your perception to a much more conscious (and conscientious) perspective.

Easy. Effective. Empowering.
30 Day Mindful Eating PDF



What do you think? Are you ready to change your relationship with food and take your power back? Just imagine how different your life would be if you had a peaceful relationship with food, your body and yourself.

Try this challenge and watch what happens.

Much love,