How To Overcome Fear And Self-Loathing

I have a question for you…

When was the last time you said something demeaning or insulting to yourself?

The last time you criticized yourself for the way you look?

The last time you scrutinized your body with disgust or disrespect?

Or the last time you told yourself that you’re ugly, stupid, unlovable, or unworthy?

I’m guessing it was probably not that long ago… maybe even just a few minutes ago.


And when was the last time you said something compassionate or kind to yourself?

The last time you praised yourself?

The last time you appreciated something you did or said?

Or the last time you noticed how awesome, incredible, and magnificent you are?

Because YOU are. Truly. We all are. And we forget that when we cloud our daily thoughts with incessant criticisms, comparison, and judgments.


Please do me a favor and watch this 2-minute video from Dove France. This incredibly impactful commercial will open your eyes to just how violent our thoughts about ourselves truly are. I was floored the first time I saw this…



“If it’s not acceptable to say it to someone else, why say it to ourselves?”


Take a minute to really let that sink in. Would you say it to your daughter? Nope. Would you say it to your sister, your friend, or your co-worker? Nope. Would you say it to a stranger? Nope. So why in the wild world do you think it’s OK to say it to yourself?


I know it can be incredibly challenging to feel good about your body, especially if you struggle with weight and body image issues. I get it! But when you put your attention on what you hate about yourself and your body, and when you continuously attack yourself with abusive thoughts, you just create more feelings of fear and anxiety. This not only steals your daily joy, it also keeps you stuck, exhausted, and totally stressed out.


The truth is this: Self-worth is not something some people are just born with, or something you will magically obtain once you reach your ideal weight. Self-worth is something we cultivate and practice on a daily basis. And shifting your thoughts from fear to love will have a huge (and I mean HUGE) effect on your happiness and your weight loss.


In fact, the absolute BEST way to develop a healthy relationship with your body is to banish the body shaming and to start the daily practice of empowering yourself. And I have a 30-day Loving Kindness Challenge that will help you do exactly that.


This Challenge will help you 1) raise your awareness around your thoughts (often our negative thoughts are so habitual we don’t even notice how often we attack ourselves), and 2) shift your perception to a much more loving perspective.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.29.29 AM



This Challenge is super easy AND super effective. Click on the above link, print out the graphic, and cut on the dotted lines. Fold each affirmation and place them a jar, box, or bag next to your bed. For 30 days choose one affirmation daily. Before you start your day (or even before you get out of bed!), clear your mind and just consider the affirmation you pulled for that day.


Allow the idea to really soak in, and then set the intention to make this your mantra for the day. Also set the intention to pay closer attention to your thoughts, and every time you catch yourself saying something hurtful or hateful to yourself, just replace the negativity with your daily affirmation.


Throughout the day, repeat the affirmation often. You can use it as a mantra while you drive, walk, or do housework. You can post your affirmation to your computer or place it on a mirror. You can even set alarms on your phone to remind you to tune in throughout the day.


Once I became aware of my inner-critic and I started to replace my attack thoughts with supportive thoughts instead, it changed EVERYTHING (you can read my story HERE). I stopped looking for outside approval, and instead I looked inward for answers. I learned how to forgive myself, how to release my mountains of guilt and shame, and how to heal and deal in a much better way.


And if you’ve been trying to change your diet, your habits, and your life for many years, but find that you just keep getting in your own way, I guarantee you that this daily practice will have a profound impact on your life.


I’ll be doing this challenge for the next 30 days, and I would love for you to join me. Your body deserves your love and respect, and you can (absolutely and positively!) change your life one beautiful thought at a time.




Please share this Challenge with a sister, friend, daughter, or co-worker who could use some help shifting her inner voice—the more we love ourselves and each other, the better!

With love and beautiful thoughts,



Andie Mitchell On Losing Over 100 Pounds And Loving Herself

If you need some serious weight loss inspiration, please check out this TEDx Talk from the lovely Andie Mitchell. Eight years ago Andie, an avid cooker and baker, lost 100+ lbs and she has maintained a healthy weight ever since. I love everything about Andie, and her story and vulnerability in this video will just blow you away. You’ll discover:


* Why understanding WHY you eat is just as important as changing WHAT you eat.

* The importance of facing your feelings and concentrating on just today.

* Why weight loss alone is not the answer to a happier life.



POWERFUL, right? This talk reminds me of my favorite quote from Florence Scovel Shinn, the author of  The Game of Life & How to Play It:


“The lion takes its fierceness from your fear.
Walk up to the lion, and he will disappear; run away and he runs after you.”


With so much courage and compassion, Andie walked up to the lion and transformed her fears into confidence. She did it one day at a time, and if she can do it, so can you!


To read more from Andie (and you really should!) check out her healthy cooking and living blog, Can You Stay for Dinner, HERE. She also has a moving new memoir (get it HERE) called It Was Me Along that is a must-read. This is from the back of the book…


“A heartbreakingly honest, endearing memoir of incredible weight loss by a young food blogger who battles body image issues and overcomes food addiction to find self-acceptance. This story is about much more than a woman who loves food and abhors her body. It is about someone who made changes when her situation seemed too far gone and how she discovered balance in an off-kilter world. More than anything, though, it is the story of her finding beauty in acceptance and learning to love all parts of herself.”




This Will Change The Way You Think About Food

Guest post by Danielle Omar

Do you wonder if there are foods you are sensitive to that may be preventing you from losing weight?

Do you struggle with nagging cravings that sabotage your efforts to eat healthy?

Would you like to feel more energy throughout the day, so you can live your life with more passion and vibrancy?


Hi, I’m Danielle Omar, a Registered Dietitian and the founder of Danielle Omar Nutrition. And I know the secret to weight loss. It’s pretty bold to say that I have the secret to weight loss, but it’s true!


It’s not about calories in/calories out. It’s not about going high protein, low fat, or no-carb. And of course it’s not about dieting or deprivation. What it IS about is food confidence. Food confidence is one of those concepts that once you get it, you really get it. I have had food confidence for a long time. You might say I have mastered it.


How does it work? The quickest way to becoming a confident eater really has little to do with what you eat. It’s more about your mindset. It’s about knowing, and I mean really knowing, that you always have a choice. Food doesn’t just happen to you. You always have a choice when it comes to what you eat.


If you’re like many of my clients, you may struggle with this concept at first. I understand. I’ve been there, too. But until you can make this mental switch, you will continue to feel like a victim around food. This first part is critical, you must truly believe that you have a choice.


Most people want to eat healthy; they just don’t set up their lives to make it happen. Many also don’t ever learn which foods give them abundant energy, clarity and joy versus foods that cause fatigue, pain and lead to chronic disease. Discovering this is not only the secret to weight loss, but to lifelong good health and vitality.  


Food confidence doesn’t happen by jumping onto the latest fad diet, going Paleo, or following someone else’s dogma. It’s not about eating high protein, low grain or high fat. It’s simply about eating clean, whole foods. It’s about learning how your body and your unique chemistry reacts to the food you eat.


Fortunately, there are a few things we already know. We know certain ingredients in food can be allergens. If you have food sensitivities, it can damage your digestive tract, keep you from absorbing nutrients, cause weight gain, and keep you from losing weight. Food sensitivities can also make you tired, depressed and unmotivated.


A crucial first step is determining whether the food you are eating is making you sick. The second step is to nourish yourself with the best that food has to offer, foods that naturally contain the nutrients your body needs to leave you feeling full and satisfied on less. You know what it feels like to stuff yourself on high-calorie, highly processed, nutrient poor food, and still crave something more. Nobody enjoys the feeling of being full, yet unsatisfied. This is your body’s adverse reaction to the imbalance between your calories and your nutrients.


Your body actually CRAVES the good stuff! It craves the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients in high quality food. And when you’re eating nutrient rich food, your body no longer relies on will power to limit your intake. Rather, it is the nutrients themselves that signal your brain to stop eating. Highly processed foods lack these signaling nutrients. You know this because you can eat serving after serving of it and never feel satisfied. This is a sign from a cellular level that is saying, “Feed me nutrient rich, high quality food.”


My program, Nourish: 21 Days of Clean Eating, can help you become a confident eater. At the core of the program is learning which foods make you feel energized and satisfied versus those you may be sensitive to. But even more than that, you will also:


Cultivate a reverence for healthy, nourishing foods.

Develop a new appreciation for vegetables and greens, how they are prepared, and how often you eat them.

Make food a vital partner in your journey for living a healthy lifestyle.

Ignite a passion for cooking and preparing new and interesting foods.

Gain an appreciation for the power of self-care and how important this daily practice is for replenishing you from the inside out.


The spring session starts April 13th. Will you join me?



Danielle Omar is a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Consultant, and Founder of, where men and women find the path to confidently managing their own lifestyle transitions, reaching not only their weight and wellness goals, but also embracing a new way of looking at food and nutrition. Through her own lifestyle example and her inherent gift of teaching, Danielle guides her clients through a transformation from old eating patterns, to a renewed way of life. After working with Danielle, clients are left with a deeper understanding of the obstacles that led to unhealthy nutrition habits, and how to remove those obstacles, rather than work around them temporarily.